Seoul Fashion Week Outfit Day 2

The second day of fashion week was sunny and a lot busier since it was on Saturday. My outfit was definitely more eye-catching with my bright green aqua jacket from LAP (Los Angeles Project). Since my tailored jacket was the point, I kept my ensemble simple underneath with a black bandeau, a black skirt, and black heels, all of which I bought in random stores here and there. In this picture I’m wearing my black and gold sandals because my feet were hurting after a long day of attending shows and interviews. My number one rule for a fun night out, always carry flats! Fashionable ones while you’re at it. 

I accessorized with a triple hairband from Urban Outfitters, they always have amazing hair accessories. The one I’m wearing is made of 3 chains; one was encrusted with jewels. My white sling bag from A-land can also be converted into a clutch. I love it because it can clean up any outfit, especially when an outfit is very mix matched, or brighten up a dark outfit.

With blogger differentcands !


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