Autumn vacation

Considering I use down covers even in the summer, any friend of mine knows I get cold easily, which is why everyone wonders how I grew up in a place that’s known for freezing temperatures and snow. Despite my inability to withstand the cold, I actually love winter, because inside the atmosphere is always so warm. Anyways, before it got too cold, I wanted to get out of the city so I left on a whim to Jeonju. As soon as fashion week ended, the temperatures plummeted but the weather was perfect down south. I visited the hanok village and stayed in one too! The first picture is the hanok house I stayed in with a couple UR.GE. team members.


I dressed comfortably in some of my favorite  go-to pieces for lots of walking. My GAP corduroy jacket from a while back. I rarely see people wearing corduroy anymore but I always get compliments on it. Since it’s simple and dark with brass silver buttons, it goes well with any outfit while adding nice detail. I wore it with a felt checkered button down I found at a no-name, and my current favorite pair of Giordano jeggings. They’re sewn with real denim but are so comfortable that I bought a couple more in the same color for later. I seriously dislike jean shopping but I recommend you get these.

Jeonju is famous for bibimbap, a mix of rice and cooked vegetables with a sauce of sesame oil and Korean red pepper sauce. It’s probably the most popular dish of Korea and famous around the world. Easily veganized!


I climbed a mountain and hung out in a temple.

This is one of my assistants falling asleep after a long day, especially because I tried to sneak in work haha

This was so pretty so I had to buy it but delicious too. It’s vanilla bean ice cream wrapped in a Korean pancake with blueberry compote and strawberries. I got to pick the color of the flower 🙂 The dessert was sold in a piece of bamboo with scented stones that I can hang up for decoration. So creative.



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