Friendship through Fashion

The last day of Fashion Week fell on a Wednesday. As expected, there were fewer crazy, or may I say, creative outfits that would show up in the next day’s newspapers. But the day went by with smiles all around as the last buyers, bloggers, and models said their goodbyes as they flew to the next fashion forward cities around the globe.

While sitting front row for Judy and Joshua, which had a real band playing whimsical lullaby music to compliment their romantic collection, I saw some familiar faces. I was just mesmerized by the beauty of one of the tallest models in a white dress when I realized I knew her and a few of the other models promenading the runway. We had done a summer photo shoot together for an outdoor pool and I was so happy to see them again. Even though we shot the pool scenes six months earlier, it felt like it was just the other day. We promised to work together again soon and took the pictures below.

The week made me more aware of how many connections are made in the fashion cosmos. Even though many may be just that, ‘business connections,’ so many of us bond over our passions, not for fame or money. I’ve met people with only their cameras and a bag who live off whatever beautiful pictures they capture, because they live through the art of fashion. While many criticize the fashion industry, I think it’s not so different from the music scene. Why is creating clothes so different from painting a portrait, playing a sport, or making music? It’s just another art that we photographers, bloggers, and journalists love to share and a way to express ourselves. 

I finished off the week in a DEWL polygon dress in one of my favorite colors: champagne! It’s so classy but can still be dressed down. Polygons also compliment any body type and they give off a fun vibe which is why I picked this dress. I paired it with my Aland clutch and nude ALDO shoes, which go well with just about anything.


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