Throwback Thursday

Happy thursday!

Today I thought to give you guys a look at a couple pictures from last fashion week so you can also see some previous style. Actually I didn’t think I had a specific style until recently. I guess dress according to how I feel every day, but often dress to be more like the person I want to be. When I’m in a phase of dreaming of my future self as a career woman I wear long coats and neutral colors. When I wish I could be more outgoing, I dress in brighter colors, but mentally it’s quite hard especially when it’s grey out because I get so many double-takes. Of course, my go-tos are black and white, no matter how much I try to avoid them.

This long sweatshirt is something I would never have worn on a normal day back then. Animal faces and bling aren’t my style but since the colors were neutral I gave it a go and so glad I did. 

Now that I’ve seen photobloggers capture a history of my fashion, I’ve realized that weather I go casual or dressed up I definitely put an edge on feminine. Like this white dress, I love the girly cut but the black and white with the square pattern gives it a sharper look. I love the one black square and overlay cut.

Me with the biggest and most respected designer at Seoul Fashion Week, Lie Sang Bong. Actually I was just sitting at a table in the pressroom eating a sandwich while he was reading his phone in the chair next to me. We started chatting and he was the sweetest old man. Of course I knew who he was but didn’t realize he was so famous in the fashion world until my Parisian friend next to me told me designer Lie was the biggest designer there. Now that I’ve seen him get flocked with a mob of photographers at every step I realize that he’s probably the most modest of all the designers I’ve met.


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