Pool time

Before the chill takes over with gray skies, I thought to share some swimsuit photos in the sun’s warmth. I don’t do bikini shots often, not because I don’t feel comfortable with my body, but because I usually don’t feel comfortable baring lots of skin. However during this shoot I had a wonderful time; it wasn’t just about showing the suit, advertising the pool, or being sexual. Even though it was completely my pick of what kind of suit to wear, I chose a  two piece bikini that I thought was one of the classiest I had seen in the bikini category. I loved the simplicity of the halter bandeau and the engraved gold pieces really made the suit shine. 

I also love this two-piece swim apparel. For some reason I feel that the term ‘bikini’ is too slang for it’s edgy cut and high design. It’s sporty and I especially like the extra bands on both the top and bottom as well as the wide cut of the suit bottom. This is by Substance. 


Color photography by Dante Dante


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