Film and photographer

Many strangers to the art industry would think that photos can turn out the same no matter the photographer, but the more one looks at photos, the more he or she can see the slightest changes and unique styles, especially between each photographer and model; the atmosphere and the way the model expresses herself will change ever so slightly with a different person behind the lens. Of course the subject can control her laugh or remember sad memories, but the atmosphere and relationship between the model and the photographer whether assertive, shy, giddy, or relaxed, will completely change the photograph, something I’ve only realized after studying photos from individual photographers. Even though I love working with different photographers in hopes of greater new creations, I tend to work again with the photographers who I have the best chemistry with. They let me be myself, or allow me the comfort to be someone else without pushing me to distress. For one of my last shoots, I wasn’t wearing anything special, but I love the romance in these solo shots using film, not digital. 

Photography by Dante


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