Housing in Chicago

Since I didn’t know the Chicago neighborhoods and the rent prices well enough, I signed a 3-month lease in a quieter area by the Loop so I could get to know the neighborhoods before I signed for a long lease. I have two roommates, an older girl around 27 who works in IT and a college intern. Our 2-story condo is more than big enough to hold us all, big enough for us to comfortably host ten guests to lounge around our living room. None of us knew each other before sharing our condo because we all signed on separately with our landlord.

The Loop is the square that holds all of the big corporate buildings, Michigan Ave, Navy Pier, and is sided by Michigan Lake. Basically, you don’t want to live too far from the area, especially if you work here.

If you’re looking to live in Chicago, here’s a brief list of the areas that I’ve explored and are very close to the Loop.

  • Gold Coast: Nice luxury high-rises, expensive rent, fabulous restaurants
  • Streeterville: Between the Gold Coast and the loop but on the lake
  • New East Side: Nice luxury high-rises, quiet, expensive rent, and right next to Navy Pier / The kind of place that I would like to live if I were rich and spent a lot of time at home and wanted to be sure my children were safe.
  • River North: Expensive rent, very pretty restaurants, great shopping. Although Michigan Avenue is known for shopping, River North has all of the high-fashion name s
  • Loop: Older apartments with decent rent since it’s a little noisier, but best location if you’re working here and want to party a lot / Next to Michigan Avenue and beautiful Millennium Park
  • Logan Square and Wicker Park: hipster and cheaper
  • West Loop: Previously Oprah’s neighborhood, and now the up and coming foodie haven on the pricier side.
  • Printer’s Row: A quieter neighborhood since it’s just below the loop, also known as the area that’s newer and the transition to the ‘dangerous’ South Loop. As part of the New Chicago campaign, nice apartments with pools and amenities are popping up along with shopping districts

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Photo credit: Executive Dogs


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