One Piece

The second line of the elegant JARRET, honey JARRET, is one with an edgy feel added to a feminine line without looking too girly. In these pictures I wear all black to showcase the one piece that can speak for itself. The scarf is made of lightweight cotton but is incredibly warm. It is built with ridge folds but a hooked hemline making it look more feminine.

Photographer Will

From inside out, right in between

“Summer or winter,” whenever someone asked, but it’s definitely shifted over to spring and autumn. I wonder if it’s age. A chill has suddenly come about in Seoul. One day it was 15 at the low and the next it was 7 as the high. Today I saw people wearing long down jackets while others wore short skirts and cardigans. But the beauty of the seasons also bring about so much variety in fashion. Since the weather affects our mentality, and the colors we wear, I tried to mix in some print in color as I’ve been attempting to hold off pulling out my entire winter wardrobe.

Photographer Michael Song

Film and photographer

Many strangers to the art industry would think that photos can turn out the same no matter the photographer, but the more one looks at photos, the more he or she can see the slightest changes and unique styles, especially between each photographer and model; the atmosphere and the way the model expresses herself will change ever so slightly with a different person behind the lens. Of course the subject can control her laugh or remember sad memories, but the atmosphere and relationship between the model and the photographer whether assertive, shy, giddy, or relaxed, will completely change the photograph, something I’ve only realized after studying photos from individual photographers. Even though I love working with different photographers in hopes of greater new creations, I tend to work again with the photographers who I have the best chemistry with. They let me be myself, or allow me the comfort to be someone else without pushing me to distress. For one of my last shoots, I wasn’t wearing anything special, but I love the romance in these solo shots using film, not digital. 

Photography by Dante

Pool time

Before the chill takes over with gray skies, I thought to share some swimsuit photos in the sun’s warmth. I don’t do bikini shots often, not because I don’t feel comfortable with my body, but because I usually don’t feel comfortable baring lots of skin. However during this shoot I had a wonderful time; it wasn’t just about showing the suit, advertising the pool, or being sexual. Even though it was completely my pick of what kind of suit to wear, I chose a  two piece bikini that I thought was one of the classiest I had seen in the bikini category. I loved the simplicity of the halter bandeau and the engraved gold pieces really made the suit shine. 

I also love this two-piece swim apparel. For some reason I feel that the term ‘bikini’ is too slang for it’s edgy cut and high design. It’s sporty and I especially like the extra bands on both the top and bottom as well as the wide cut of the suit bottom. This is by Substance. 


Color photography by Dante Dante

Throwback Thursday

Happy thursday!

Today I thought to give you guys a look at a couple pictures from last fashion week so you can also see some previous style. Actually I didn’t think I had a specific style until recently. I guess dress according to how I feel every day, but often dress to be more like the person I want to be. When I’m in a phase of dreaming of my future self as a career woman I wear long coats and neutral colors. When I wish I could be more outgoing, I dress in brighter colors, but mentally it’s quite hard especially when it’s grey out because I get so many double-takes. Of course, my go-tos are black and white, no matter how much I try to avoid them.

This long sweatshirt is something I would never have worn on a normal day back then. Animal faces and bling aren’t my style but since the colors were neutral I gave it a go and so glad I did. 

Now that I’ve seen photobloggers capture a history of my fashion, I’ve realized that weather I go casual or dressed up I definitely put an edge on feminine. Like this white dress, I love the girly cut but the black and white with the square pattern gives it a sharper look. I love the one black square and overlay cut.

Me with the biggest and most respected designer at Seoul Fashion Week, Lie Sang Bong. Actually I was just sitting at a table in the pressroom eating a sandwich while he was reading his phone in the chair next to me. We started chatting and he was the sweetest old man. Of course I knew who he was but didn’t realize he was so famous in the fashion world until my Parisian friend next to me told me designer Lie was the biggest designer there. Now that I’ve seen him get flocked with a mob of photographers at every step I realize that he’s probably the most modest of all the designers I’ve met.

Autumn vacation

Considering I use down covers even in the summer, any friend of mine knows I get cold easily, which is why everyone wonders how I grew up in a place that’s known for freezing temperatures and snow. Despite my inability to withstand the cold, I actually love winter, because inside the atmosphere is always so warm. Anyways, before it got too cold, I wanted to get out of the city so I left on a whim to Jeonju. As soon as fashion week ended, the temperatures plummeted but the weather was perfect down south. I visited the hanok village and stayed in one too! The first picture is the hanok house I stayed in with a couple UR.GE. team members.


I dressed comfortably in some of my favorite  go-to pieces for lots of walking. My GAP corduroy jacket from a while back. I rarely see people wearing corduroy anymore but I always get compliments on it. Since it’s simple and dark with brass silver buttons, it goes well with any outfit while adding nice detail. I wore it with a felt checkered button down I found at a no-name, and my current favorite pair of Giordano jeggings. They’re sewn with real denim but are so comfortable that I bought a couple more in the same color for later. I seriously dislike jean shopping but I recommend you get these.

Jeonju is famous for bibimbap, a mix of rice and cooked vegetables with a sauce of sesame oil and Korean red pepper sauce. It’s probably the most popular dish of Korea and famous around the world. Easily veganized!


I climbed a mountain and hung out in a temple.

This is one of my assistants falling asleep after a long day, especially because I tried to sneak in work haha

This was so pretty so I had to buy it but delicious too. It’s vanilla bean ice cream wrapped in a Korean pancake with blueberry compote and strawberries. I got to pick the color of the flower 🙂 The dessert was sold in a piece of bamboo with scented stones that I can hang up for decoration. So creative.