True to Blue

Blue is definitely considered a safe color that’s not always so fashion forward. I love it nonetheless, and it’s really not a color we can avoid if its every slightest change in shade can change one’s style. On this chilly gray day I wore my royal blue side-pinned jacket from Sweet Soup. I wear it whenever I want to give a pop of color during chillier days when I don’t feel like being a raging red, orange, or yellow.

My knit gray poncho peacoat from ValleyGirl. If I pull down the neck, the top section turns into a poncho! I love the toggles on knit which is quite a rare find, as well as the waist cinch which gives the billowing jacket more of a line. This is probably the best fall/winter item I’ve ever found.

Knee-high black suede boots that have lasted me three winters and of course, look great with anything.
Photos by differentcands.