From inside out, right in between

“Summer or winter,” whenever someone asked, but it’s definitely shifted over to spring and autumn. I wonder if it’s age. A chill has suddenly come about in Seoul. One day it was 15 at the low and the next it was 7 as the high. Today I saw people wearing long down jackets while others wore short skirts and cardigans. But the beauty of the seasons also bring about so much variety in fashion. Since the weather affects our mentality, and the colors we wear, I tried to mix in some print in color as I’ve been attempting to hold off pulling out my entire winter wardrobe.

Photographer Michael Song


Day 3 is a hippie with class

Sunday was beautiful and again filled with true fashionistas watching the shows on HD movie screens from outside. The weather was staying sunny for us unlike last year so I wore a summer  outfit since I can’t do that for much longer :[ I wore my see-through flower print threaded white flower tank top with a bare midriff which I rarely do. And went classic with some faded spring  boyfriend jeans from Tankus, a brand I recently discovered. The pattern on them is adorable. I accented with a black and pink floral clutch and new leather boots that I found thrift shopping.

Here I am with designer Lee Doii’s fashionable baby after the DOII show. She is too cute and really such a doll; she’s shy but held onto my hand for quite a while amidst the sea of her gigantic fans. I will be posting up my interview and review of DOII’s collection this season soon!